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The thing that hurts me the most about Sirius and Harry is that when they looked at each other they were both hoping to see James

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Anonymous asked is it bad that catcalling gives me an ego boost?





i get how you would think that. i do. i was there when i was 14-15 and my self-esteem was so bad that ANY attention was good attention to me but please

please never mistake catcalling/sexual harassment on the street as anything other than just that

sexual harassment

it’s not a compliment, it’s not anything positive it is awful and disrespectful and fucking so so so dehumanizing

your body isn’t on display for those fucking shitheads to comment on, to sexualize as they please and you are not an object.

you are a complex, whole, realized, beautiful human being and they have NO fucking right to infringe on your personal place to let you know that they think your ass is nice

it’s not a compliment. it’s insulting, and i understand where you might take enjoyment from that but it’s such a poisonous mindset to be in because you’re not a sexual thing for these scumbag shitstain assholes to comment on

one day someone is going to see you for the radiant and magnificent human being that you are but until that day please never look at what those people do as a compliment

they don’t see you for what you are, they don’t care about your hopes and dreams and all that other shit that makes you you — you’re a pair of tits and an ass to them and fuck that FUCK that shit because you’re not

i’ve dealt with this shit since i was 12 and i have NO tolerance for it and i hope someday that you’re in this mentality too, friend

because the people who catcall are on the lowest end of human evolution and deserve to be punched in the face with a fist reinforced with fucking adamantium

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A few of my favorite activities.

i like how they put capitalism in fun letters



A few of my favorite activities.

i like how they put capitalism in fun letters

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This dog was bred to hunt BEARS. The Caucasian Shepherd who is most popular in Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Northern Caucasus, can reach a weight of up to 200 lbs. Cute big guy!via reddit

legendary dog

i want to hug this dog

I want to ride it into battle.





This dog was bred to hunt BEARS. 

The Caucasian Shepherd who is most popular in Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Northern Caucasus, can reach a weight of up to 200 lbs. Cute big guy!

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legendary dog

i want to hug this dog

I want to ride it into battle.

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Today all the people in the UK are like 20/4 up it blaze

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STOP shipping real people, or at least poke holes in the box

I saw this post four times before I understood the joke

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i think about the 3d printed spider robot dancing to salsa a lot and im not sure if it’s because of the music or if it’s because of the hypnotizing dance moves
most likely both 

this is the best thing ive ever seen in my whole life

oh my god…. i was feeling down and this absolutely 100% lifted me out of it. oh my god!!!! i love him!!!!!

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The top photo is the inside of an abortion clinic. The bottom photo is a Nazi gas chamber. Eerily similar, aren’t they? The biggest difference is that far more human beings have died inside of abortion clinics than ever died inside of gas chambers.

It’s time to stop the killing. Stand against human abortion. Stand for Life.

See the comparison from the outside.

~*follow for more inappropriate Holocaust comparisons that end up trivializing the Holocaust as a whole*~

Also? There isn’t a similarity. Like, the top one looks like it’s a medical clinic. Because it’s a medical clinic. Where medical procedures are performed.

The bottom one is a place where human beings were murdered. Have a little respect.

I have relatives who died in the camps.

If someone tries to compare it to the abortion in my presence, I will rip their fucking eyes out. You all are sick, disrespectful fucks for doing this.

Don’t we all just LOVE pro-life fuckery?

I don’t. It’s nauseating and infuriatingly dishonest. It lowers the level of discoursr.

I was being sarcastic. Sarcasm is hard to detect when it’s in written text, so I understand the confusion.

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friendly reminder that it’s okay to cry

i don’t care what happened, if a fictional character got hurt, or if an actor died, or if one of your friends made a ‘joke’ that hurt you, or you’re just having a shitty day, or even for no reason at all

it is always okay to cry

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stregaborgia asked I, K, X

I: a song that gives me butterflies

My boyfriend sings and so I have some things he recorded just for me and they’re love songs and i can’t think of them without blushing but his cover of Be Still is really cute.

K: a song I know all the lyrics to

Oh Comely by Neutral Milk Hotel has a LOT of lyrics but I know them all and they’re beautiful.

X: a cover

Yael Naim’s cover of Toxic is so hauntingly beautiful.


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when you look cute in a snapchat and they don’t reply image

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Here’s the thing. Men in our culture have been socialized to believe that their opinions on women’s appearance matter a lot. Not all men buy into this, of course, but many do. Some seem incapable of entertaining the notion that not everything women do with their appearance is for men to look at. This is why men’s response to women discussing stifling beauty norms is so often something like “But I actually like small boobs!” and “But I actually like my women on the heavier side, if you know what I mean!” They don’t realize that their individual opinion on women’s appearance doesn’t matter in this context, and that while it might be reassuring for some women to know that there are indeed men who find them fuckable, that’s not the point of the discussion.

Women, too, have been socialized to believe that the ultimate arbiters of their appearance are men, that anything they do with their appearance is or should be “for men.” That’s why women’s magazines trip over themselves to offer up advice on “what he wants to see you wearing” and “what men think of these current fashion trends” and “wow him with these new hairstyles.” While women can and do judge each other’s appearance harshly, many of us grew up being told by mothers, sisters, and female strangers that we’ll never “get a man” or “keep a man” unless we do X or lose some fat from Y, unless we moisturize//trim/shave/push up/hide/show/”flatter”/paint/dye/exfoliate/pierce/surgically alter this or that.

That’s also why when a woman wears revealing clothes, it’s okay, in our society, to assume that she’s “looking for attention” or that she’s a slut and wants to sleep with a bunch of guys. Because why else would a woman wear revealing clothes if not for the benefit of men and to communicate her sexual availability to them, right? It can’t possibly have anything to do with the fact that it’s hot out or it’s more comfortable or she likes how she looks in it or everything else is in the laundry or she wants to get a tan or maybe she likes women and wants attention from them, not from men?

The result of all this is that many men, even kind and well-meaning men, believe, however subconsciously, that women’s bodies are for them. They are for them to look at, for them to pass judgment on, for them to bless with a compliment if they deign to do so. They are not for women to enjoy, take pride in, love, accept, explore, show off, or hide as they please. They are for men and their pleasure.

Why You Shouldn’t Tell That Random Girl On The Street That She’s Hot » Brute Reason (via brutereason)

this is literally so insanely fucking important fucking hell fuckity fuckkkkkk

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A fanmix for our dear Varys who is fucking done with this shit [ X ]

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